Chios DreamBlue Forum 2021

Chios DreamBlue Forum 2021

DreamBlue Forum was successfully held in Chios under the auspices of the Hellinic Maritime Chamber. The event was attended by students from AEN Chios and Oinoussa as well as students from the University of the Aegean, Department of Shipping.

Potentia World Dream Blue project is designed to enhance knowledge, experience and skills amongst the young generation of seafarers and empower them to become pioneers in the Maritime industry. This project aims to:

1. Empower the students of the National Merchant Marine Academies 

2. Develop the interpersonal skills of the new generation of Officers preparing to serve the Sea

3. Upgrade maritime education by constructively completing the technical knowledge (hard skills) that students acquire during their studies, while learning and developing their soft skills

4. Highlight the value of ‘seamanship’ and the cultivation of ethos and respect required by the sea

5. Inspire, encourage and motivate young seafarers with the participation of our distinguished, experienced and renowned personalities of Global Shipping who are willing to share their own maritime story.

6. The educational reconstruction and development of the National Merchant Shipping

Our experiential voyage will continue inspiring the present and empower the future of the new generation serving Global Shipping. Young Seafarers -women and men- your future begins today!

Set your sails along with Potentia World team!

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