MYPHILO HOSPITALITY & YACHTING | A new promising venture that turned a vision to a mission

A vision turned to a mission…MYPHILO helps hospitality and yachting leaders to create sustainable businesses by elevating the quality of care beyond the call of duty.



Chrysoula Vasiliki Patrikiou and George Lyras are the founders of MYPHILO. Chrysoula and George, serve with love and respect the value of business. Each with experience in multiple industries, business types and functions and with specialized knowledge in the management of people and systems in the fields of Tourism, Hospitality, Aviation and Shipping, they combined their strengths, their passion and their creative spirit, envisioned change and created MyPhilo. George and Chrysoula work with determination and bring their experience and network to help companies and organizations active in Hospitality and Yachting to achieve their goals with care beyond business. They are both inspired by the potential for sustainable businesses led by generous leaders. They empower leaders to act with consistency, integrity and honesty and in partnering with their clients they aim to build a better future.

Chrysoula & George believe that sustainable change happens when there is a powerful connection between the commercial and human aspects of a business. This successful blending of leadership, corporate structure, organizational culture, operational systems and human capital is what they know well and they excel. They care beyond business.

Chrysoula and George invest their passion, knowledge and experience to remodel Hospitality and Yachting to integrated and dynamic systems managed by inspired, motivated and competent people committed to lead Customer Care to a performance of Excellence. They accomplish this by providing holistic business solutions to their customers across 5 key areas of expertise.

Get in touch with us today at and let’s find out how we could work together. For more informatin visit our website: MYPHILO HOSPITALITY & YACHTING