HC Architect


“Unleash the Power of People”

Chrysoula V. Patrikiou is a Human Capital Architect. Since 2000, she has successfully performed a considerable professional activity in multinational and multicultural work environments in Greece and abroad. Chrysoula served the Civil Aviation Industry for 15 years as a Quality Auditor, Profiler, Security Instructor and Operation Manager in numerous International Airports based in 17 European countries. She is a highly competent Business Executive with extensive knowledge of aspects of human behavior and a heavy track record in Human Capital Management. She holds a degree in Business and Organizational Management (BSc) and has a significant experience in the design, development and implementation of Training Programs and Quality Standards. Chrysoula is a capable professional with integrated soft and hard skills in analyzing and developing systems that lead to effective strategies and sustainable businesses.

Ιn 2018, she took her first entrepreneurial step and established Potentia World- a Holistic Consulting Enterprise focused in the Shipping Industry. With her strong vision and a powerful mission to “unleash the power of people,” she designed along with her team various innovative projects and managed within a short time to bring forth a new era in the maritime world. Always leading by example, Chrysoula has inspired and motivated shipping companies and organizations to invest in the human factor and focus on the holistic (spiritual, mental and physical) empowerment of people serving global shipping; from students of Merchant Marine Academies to Seafarers and Shipping Executives. Potentia World has been a significant personal and professional milestone in her life path that moved her forward taking over new challenges. By the end of 2022, Chrysoula had invested in three new people-centered ventures expanding her business activity in other sectors; she joined Valcon Group -Business Data & Technology Consulting Firm as a Partner-Advisor Corporate Sustainability & Organizational Culture, she established CVP Human Capital Consulting Enterprise and she became Co-Founder of MYPHILO Hospitality & Yachting consulting services. In November 2023, along with a dynamic team of Senior Marine Consultants, Chrysoula designs the humanship project, with an ambitious vision to become a driving force, an inspiration and motivation to enhance maritime safety, resilience, and quality of the Hellenic Maritime Cluster by focusing on human competencies.
Chrysoula is driven by her faith and trust in the human power of organizations, teams, and individuals. She is inspired by people and thus creates and designs solutions that serve people. Furthermore, her global perspective has shaped her ability to empathize and respond to any personality, communication style and leadership challenge.

“I truly believe that no other investment has as great a return as investing in Human Capital; inspired and motivated people are the foundation of every community and the future of every economy.”