2nd Panhellenic Yachting Congress


?What a conference! We had it all!
✅We had a warm hospitality and highly professional care of the people organizing the conference. Congratulations Kalliopi Efstathiou and Anastasios Konstantaros! From now on you are a point of reference in my motivational speeches and Learning & Development sessions. You and your teams Trinity Events and BoatsAdvisor – Hub & Events are a case study reflecting the authentic customer care; the value that we want to highlight through MyPhilo project.
✅We had a distinguished hostess, Viki Aggeliki Chantzi, who successfully coordinated the two-day conference with her professionalism, courtesy and excellent use of the Hellenic language.
✅We had powerful panels of speakers who shared their knowledge, success stories, concerns, ideas, and solutions for better yachting.
✅Last but not least of course, we had a dynamic and interactive training panel, which was excellently coordinated by the charismatic Manos Roudas who managed to create the ideal conditions to host six different people with a significant track record, sculpted with ethos and authentic values, with genuine kindness and a powerful vision. Thank you, Fotini Tirpintiri Katerina Konsta Ιωάννα Σιοτρόπου Σπύρος Γκούμας George Parisis for sharing this experience together, for being able to tune into a conversation that just flowed, that complemented each other and reinforced the messages we wanted to get across. Once again, it proves that the human connection defines ‘change’.

‼️I would like to share an extract from the inspirational speech of Peter Ottmann, CEO of the NürnbergMesse Group, during the 6th International Hospitality Forum that reflects the power of people and human connection:
“What’s the essence of this room, what’s the essence of HORECA? The essence of HORECA is its people themselves, their ideas, dreams, contribution, dedication, and above all their confidence in sharing these values. In this way, a strong industry is formed of exhibiting companies in Greece that shape the future of HORECA.”
?So my question is… what’s the essence of the Hellenic Yachting that can shape its future? It’s the people themselves that have the potential to bring the change and built a sustainable future for the Hellenic Yachting .
? Let’s invest in the human capital of yachting, let’s invest in the empowerment and development of people serving yachting?
Let’s do things greater! Let’s do greater things together!