This video I’m sharing reflects my personal core motivation that actually led me and my valuable partners to create filῶ
Philoxenia is a state of mind and a way of life with which we -the Hellenes- have been nurtured over the centuries. It’s not just the act of being friendly and welcoming to guests and visitors. To be precise, it’s not just an act. It is a code of values with deep roots stretching back to antiquity and shaped by myths and history.
TOGETHER, we can become a strong and flexible team with a common vision and commitment to cultivate the unique feeling of philoxenia; the hellenic authentic experience of customer care.

-Let’s invest in the human capital serving hospitality
-Let’s empower and develop people by cultivating a life-long-learning mindset
-Let’s make our workforce resilient enough to deal -efficiently and effectively- with the challenges of the industry
-Let’s remodel hospitality to an integrated and dynamic system managed by inspired, motivated and competent people committed to lead ‘philoxenia’ to a performance of excellence!