My sincere personal confession as an Entrepreneur

  • My Purpose
    I am more concerned with changing the world. I want to pursue my passion and achieve my ultimate goal. I am not keen on financial returns; rather, I am focused on what I can offer the world. My purpose for entrepreneurship is simply to make a difference in this world.
  • What Risks Do I take
    Sometimes I feel like a sky diver. I take crazy risks. I often do not care of losing time and money just to pursue my passion. I do everything with love, joy, and passion, and I often gain extraordinary rewards.
  • How I treat my Team of People
    I consider myself a friend and leader. I find PEOPLE, whom I never treat as machines. I can only work with people I respect and I trust. I act like a mentor most of the time; I invite them into my world and help them grow.
  • How I treat My Customers
    I see customers as my source of duty and fulfillment. For me, customers are my own lifeblood.
  • How I deal with the Competition
    I try really hard to beat my worst competitor – myself.
  • How I deal with Money
    I do not worry much about money because I can always start from scratch.
  • What is the Meaning of Success
    I cannot define success. I simply do my job and let history define the success that I have achieved.
  • How Time Reflects in Me
    I find myself working like an artist or a scientist in a lab. My product or service is my masterpiece. Therefore I can be slow and take a longer time to finish and perfect my masterpiece.
  • How I see the World
    I see the world as a duty, a mission to accomplish rather than an opportunity to thrive

The above are part of my own philosophy and certainly do not express entrepreneurship terms and etymologies. However, perhaps the above confession will inspire other people who are already active entrepreneurs or others who are hesitant to take the first step and act as entrepreneurs.

#DoWhatYouLove #ActWithLove