3rd Panhellenic Yachting Congress | WOMEN ENTEPRENEURS IN YACHTING

On the second day of the Panhellenic Yachting Congress at Glyfada FOYER MANOR HOUSE GOLF PRIVE, I had the pleasure and honor to moderate the panel: WOMEN ENTEPRENEURS IN YACHTING.
Alexia Castro, Lamprini Betty Gkika, Sylvia Katsamaki, Kelly Kochilas, Dorieann Mouzoukis; five ladies with a dynamic, multitalented, and charismatic personality, who dared to invest their inspiration, passion, and knowledge and conquer their own place in the yachting industry, chose to share with the conference participants their reflections that have marked their own career path in yachting.

ℹ The topics that we discussed were:
〰 🔹 Yachting Work Environment | Opportunities, Threats, and Challenges for female professionals
〰 🔹Women’s strengths that benefit the industry
〰 🔹Leadership and Management
〰 🔹Work– Life Balance |Truths & Lies
〰 🔹Ways to motivate and empower female presence in yachting | The female vision for Greek Yachting

⚜ Kalliopi Efstathiou Anastasios Konstantaros, thank you for the invitation; I deeply appreciate your faith in my competencies and your trust in becoming a vital part of your outstanding event and performing as a moderator.
Cordially congratulations to you and your TRINITY EVENTS & BoatsAdvisor® – Hub&Events teams of wonderful people; for your professional presence throughout the conference, your courtesy, impeccable service to every request, and for showing authentic care for your guests.